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BJ-930 Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

BJ-930 Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

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Operation Video of Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine BJ-930

Scrap cable wire stripping machine made in China

Features of Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine BJ-930

  • This model wire stripping machine is both manually and electrically operated machine.
    Under manual mode, you just need rotate the handle by hand, no need electric or any battery.
    Under electric mode, you just need feed wire in different holes, and then machine can strip wire automatically.
  • There are 9 holes to suit different diameter wire, the outer sheath and inner conductor will be stripped by blade when waste cables cross through the middle guide wheel.
  • Light weighted and portable, simple and practical, special design, protect operator safety.

Specifications of Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine BJ-930

  • Available wire diameter range: 1.5mm ~ 20mm
  • Motor Voltage: AC220V, 50/60HZ
  • Daily Output: 50 – 300Kg
  • Dimension of machine: 86cm*40cm*41cm
  • Net Weight: 32Kg
  • Package: Wooden case
Our cable and wire stripping machine is used to recycle a variety of wires and cables such as electrical wires, single core or double core rubber insulated lead sheathed and armored cable, HV insulation cables, coaxial, extruded, or magnet/enamel wire or cable. All of them can be easily stripped. Our machine can separate the copper and plastic with high efficiency also with high purity.

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