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BJ-918B Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

BJ-918B Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

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Operation Video of BJ-918B Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

BJ-918B scrap wire stripper is the most popular multi-function wire stripping equipment at present. The greatest feature of this machine is the upper shaft can be adjusted to work for the minimum diameter of 1.5mm single wire to the maximum diameter up to 100mm rubber cable.

Feature of BJ-918B Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

  • This cable stripping machine is the best choice for small recycler of cable recycling.
  • Cut the waste cable into 1-2 meters.
  • Put the waste cable into the hole of cable stripper.
  • Cable stripped will go out from another side.
  • Use hand to separate the copper core and PVC/PE cover
  • Get the copper and PVC/PE, and sell to smelters and refiners.
  • Should you need cable stripper, cable slitter, cable stripping machine, please contact us today!

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Application of BJ-918B Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

  • Diameter from 1.5mm to 98mm
  • This machine is widely used in the wire stripping industry. It can peel fiber optics protective covering flat wire, the outsourcing metal steel silk thread, the rubbers electric cable line and high tension cable. It can process 1.5mm diameter monofilament, sheath line and steel wire line and so on. The increased diameter, the upper shaft can be arbitrary up and down.

BJ-918B Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

Attention of BJ-918B Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machine

  • The operator should pay special attention to the safety of hands. FATIGUE OPERATION IS FORBIDDEN!
  • The pressure should not be too tight. Overload work will shorten the life span of the machine.
  • If the cabel cannot get through, operator has to check whether the belt is loose or the pressure is too tight, or the blades are wrong directed.
  • If this machine work with heavy duty for a long time, operator has to check the reansmission oil capacity, grease lubrication is required on the fur shaft gears before working every three months.
  • Keep daily maintenance of the four bearings, any damage of bearing will cause shaft roken easily after continuous operating.
  • When work wth bigger size cables, the upper shaft should be kept hanging on the same line by both sides.
  • Any loosing of the four lifting screw nuts of the transmission an dmotor have to be adjusted by fastening the chain and V-belt. Note: the poslition of transmission and the motor have to be kept parallet.

If the copper wire and rubber or plastic cannot be separeated completely, plese pay attenton as below:
  • Choose the right feeding hole, adjust the positioning fixture via the diameter of cable.
  • Adjust the gap between the drove-gears according to the diameter of cable and the point mentioned in "3" of the following picture. Basically, the gap should be smaller than the diameter or cable.
  • Keep both sides of the long blades to be symmetrical, as well as the long blades and the position of fixture.
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