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M-1000 Automatic tape dispenser

M-1000 Automatic tape dispenser

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Benefits of Automatic tape dispenser M-1000

  • Ideal for medium production facilities in many industries;
  • Auto Mode & Manual Mode are both available;
  • Automatically advance and cut tape;
  • Digital length adjustment;
  • Manual override of preset lengths;
  • Adjustable pressure feed to help prevent curling of tape;
  • Accuracy of cutting length is +/- 1mm, depending on types of material;
  • Other versions of M-1000 tape dispensing machine are also available for Narrow Tapes; Glass Cloth Tapes; with Creaser; with Ionizer, etc.

Features of Automatic tape dispenser M-1000

  • Tape Width: 7 ~ 50mm
  • Cut Length: 5 ~ 999mm, Digital Length Adjustment.
  • Length setting: Digital
  • Accuracy of cut: +/-1mm
  • Display: 3 digits LED
  • Counter Up or Down: Optional
  • Tape Material: 100+ tape materials can be cut, including PVC tape, paper tape, cloth tape, glass tape, pp tape, kraft adhesive tape, etc.
  • Application: Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, Apparel, Automotives, Electric & Electronics, etc.


  • Preset a required length first, stick the tape tip to the outlet, and the tape will be cut automatically.
  • Auto mode and Manual mode are both available.
  • When a long tape is needed, keep pressing "FORWARD" key to the desired length, then press "CUT" key.
  • The cutter unit cassette can be removed and replaced easily (tape jamming can be also easily fixed).
  • The cutting length is shown on the LED display, you can set the cutting length easily by "CM" or "MM" key.

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  • m-1000-automatic-tape-dispenser-01.jpg
  • m-1000-automatic-tape-dispenser-02.jpg
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