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X-180 Auto Label Dispenser

X-180 Auto Label Dispenser

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Features of X-180 Auto Label Dispenser

  • Ideal for small labels and small work areas
  • Will dispense labels and die-cut parts
  • Photosensor Accuracy and Reliability
  • Automatically removes paper, vinyl, acetate, polyester, foil, etc. from its liner
  • Automatically rewinds liner scrap for a cleaner working environment
  • No tools required for adjusting to different size labels
  • No maintenance required
  • High Torque Motor for large diameter label rolls
  • LCD counter can show how many labels has been dispensed.

Specifications of X-180 Auto Label Dispenser

  • Available Width: 5 ~180mm
  • Available Length: 10 ~ 300mm
  • Feed Speed: 100mm/second
  • Max. OD of Roll:12″(300mm)
  • Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz
  • Measurement & Weight: 350*140*250mm 6.0 kg

Model Number Label width Dimension
X-60 5-60mm 220*96*138mm
X-100 5-100mm 280*136*174mm
X-130 5-130mm 280*160*174mm
X-180 5-180mm 216*342*358mm

  • labelcombi-180-auto-label-dispenser_1505199064.jpg
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