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F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

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Operation Video of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

Specifications of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Size: 380*300*250mm
  • Weight: 9.0kg
  • Available width: 15-110mm, length: 50-1100mm
  • Water Brushes: 2 for consistent, uniform tape wetting
  • Water Bottle Capacity: 41 ounces (1.2 liters)
  • Electrical Requirements: None (optional Top Heater requires electrical power)
  • Warranty: 2 year parts, 6 months labor

Attention of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Before using this machine carefully read the operating instructions. They contain important indications on installation safety, use and maintenance.
  • Keep this manual with care for any further reference.
  • It's customer's responsibility to make sure that the personnel who will use the machines read and understand the manual.
  • The builder cannot be responsible for eventual damage to people deriving from non deservation of the safety norms and the warnings here contained.

General Remarks

of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • This tape dispenser is designed and manufactured only to dispense gummed tape, any different use from that advised is not considered specific. PRINCE PACKAGING will not assume any responsibility following an improper use of the machine.
  • After unpacking, check the integrity of the machine, in case of doubt does not use the machine and enquire directly to the reseller.
  • Keep the machine away from children and from personnel who are not authorized or adequated in the use of it.
  • Follow the instruction manual for machine maintenance.

Mounting the water tank

of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Before using a new dispenser, wash the moistening brush with cleanser, and rinse it with water.
  • Insert the brush in the water tank.
  • Place the lever straight up with your right hand.
  • Take the water tank with the left hand to the groove in the front of the machine until it touches the back part of the machine.
  • Lower the water tank till it locks into position.
  • Let go hold of the feed-in control haulm.

Filling the water bottle of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Fill the water through the hole with clean water.
  • Put a finger on the hole, place the bottle back in its housing, the water will pour from the bottle to the tank.

Contral of moistening level of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Adjust the moistening of the tape according to the quality of glue and paper. Increase or decrease the water quantity in the tank, and therefore on paper, raise or lower the lever by placing the water bottle in one of the three different positions in the water tank.(minimal, medium and maximum lever)

Placing the moving plate of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Insert the moving plate with the bent part facing up in its housing placed under the white wheel, pushing it ahead.

Inserting roller of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Rolls of gummed paper can be rolled in two different ways:
  • With glue facing out the roller should be placed in position A. With glue facing in the roller should be placed in position B.

Loading of tape roll of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Adjust roll guide plates to the width of tape and place in their seats. Insert the tape in the guide plates so that the paper comes with the gummed side down, then insert the gummed tape under the moving plate, pushing it all the way. Make sure that the moving plate presser on the tape.

Removing and filling the bottle of F-1B Kraft Tape Dispenser

  • Before removing the bottle, make sure that it doesn't contain water, otherwise cover the filling hole with the finger to avoid outlet of water. Filling the bottle and place it bac in its housing.
  • Our machines are safe, repairs have to be made in our assistance centers or by specialized personnel, improper repairs could cause accidents to the user.

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  • f-1b-kraft-tape-dispenser.jpg
  • f-1b-kraft-tape-dispenser-1.jpg
  • f-1b-kraft-tape-dispenser-2.jpg
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