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BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

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Operation Video of BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

Features of BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

  • Push the corner of your product which is needed to stick label lightly then the label is stuck.
  • This is an ideal desktop labeler
  • Compact design, it is light and convenient to move.
  • The scope of application: L-clip label applicator P-1 is a machine used in various kinds of boxes of cosmetic, food and so on.
BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

Parameter of BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

  • Origin:Japan
  • Model: BJ-P1
  • Overall dimension: 350L×165W×220Hmm
  • Overall weight: 9Kg
  • Electical specifications: AC100V,6W,50/60HZ
  • Label size: Max.Width 24xLength 45mmMin. Width 10xLength 15mm
  • Paper size: Inner diameter: φ42-φ75mmOutter diameter: φ120mm~200mmφ
  • Separate width: 28mm
  • Speed: 15-40 boxes/min
  • Options: (1) Counter (2)Label (φ190mm)

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Label size BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer

  • Label material: Polyester, Polypropylene, Aluminium-foil paper, Synthetic paper
  • Label color: Creamy white, Transparent color
  • Label shape: Circular, Oval, Rectangle, Heart-shaped
  • Lot: x20-A 1700 pcs/lotx20-B 2000 pcs/lot*NOTE: In case of the special label, need to test before buying!

BJ-P1 L-clip Box Sealer
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