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BJ-80 New Round Bottle Labeling Machine

BJ-80 New Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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Working principle of BJ-80 Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine

Imported intelligent high-accuracy magic eye and high reliable Computer chip program controller(PLC)control the label and the case, label, using rubber roller pinned bottle the non-drying label followed the bottle in the bottle and put on rotating.

Advantages of BJ-80 Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Efficiency is as high as 50 times/minutes.
  • Labeling bottle adjustable, meet different before and after the workpiece labeling needs.
  • Labeling effect is good, no bubble, no creases, grade high, to increase product competitiveness.
  • Choose brand PLC and sensor etc electronic components, performance very stable.
  • Modular design, convenient maintenance and repair costs low.

Technical parameters of BJ-80 Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz / 110V/60Hz
  • Power: 150W
  • Label speed: 25-50pcs/M
  • Label accuracy:  ±1mm
  • Label Roll Inner Diameter: ≥Φ75mm
  • Max Label Roll Out diameter: ≤Φ250mm
  • Products size: Φ40mm-100mm
  • Wide of label: W150mm * L 180mm
  • Printer: None
  • Machine size: 70*60*55cm
  • Weight: 38kg

Operation sequence of BJ-80 Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine

  • First installation 2 slices of organic glass tray, respectively in two round installation fixed block, and then you will take slot first set of fixed block nursery dish core shaft, the green o-rings pull to the fixed block of the trough, again fixed block screwed.
  • Label installation: the installation rolls label, is the direction in clockwise tag along with the label, and put the label on the tray to carry the external fixation and lock screw.
  • According to the label will wear the good direction, clockwise around the label head of standard, the bottom standard core clamping device and head out the label, the clamp the clamping DaoBiao cylinder lock, otherwise the machine will not work. In the lock DaoBiao clamping cylinder, should pay attention to label the wheel about balance rubber balance rubber balance degree, such as no balance, can appear about labeling the phenomenon of up and down after label. The paragraph tags and bottom mark after must wear on the same level, and put all the film cylinder on the positioning of the circle, to ensure the proper position guide are tagged.

BJ-80 New Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Machine diagram & Label stretching chart

1 Positioning arm 2 Positioning roll
3 Stripping plate 4 Arm pressure bottle
5 Rubber roller 6 Rubber roller label balance
7 Magic eye 8 Start switch
9 Label 10 Fixed block
11 Organic glass tray 12 Tray pivot
13 Waste paper clamping device 14 Waste paper receiver
15 Brake motors 16 Clamping label guide wheel
17 Paper feed adjustment screw 18 Guide wheel

BJ-80 New Round Bottle Labeling Machine

  • The power supply plugged into the single-phase power supply (requires a good ground connection).
  • The power supply switches on, adjust the magic eye: Tag magic eye is the amplifier and U fiber-optic first two parts, As shown in Figure:

    First will U fiber-optic lines of the head of arbitrary insert fiber socket2 centimeters, Then lock, Will regulator counterclockwise transferred to the lowest position, The tag through u-shaped fiber u-shaped slot, Two pieces of the label on fiber position of interval between head, Then the clockwise turn the regulator, Rotating slowly from low to high, Until light so far, back-and-forth pull Label, Label when on optical fiber head, indicator light off, Again, that signals a stable fine-tuning. These steps are completed, already successful commissioning that label magic eye. General before they have been tested.

    a. Magic eye position: Magic eye position is related to label stopped position, so stay to adjust its position. Different sizes of the label the required position is different also, Magic eye if position too back, will appear label is too long, Cause label head cannot adsorption label. Magic eye position quite relies on ahead, Will appear tags too short, Cause tags do not have to label.

    b. label stopped position: Is the index sign in labeling strip out before the length of Stripper plate, By magic eye to control. General adjustment to label head traps by tags just can.
  • Adjust the position of positioning arm: Positioning the bottle on the shelf is positioned to play on the rubber roller can rotate the role of, Depending on the diameter of the bottle, to adjust for the location of the bottle.
  • Pressing down the arm pressure bottle, press to start switch to work, pressure on the arm of the pressure bottle Pressing rubber wheel will rotate week.While rotating the bottle labels adsorbed on the bottle body.

Notice of BJ-80 Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Operators first before use, please be sure to read the instruction
  • Important: Do not locate the bottle of rubber rollers in the case above, there is no pressure bottle pressure arm, otherwise the work will switch to crush!!!

Troubleshooting of BJ-80 Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Labeling action is not normal: Check the label position is normal, Transmission mechanism have labels or foreign bodies stuck.
  • Label head doesn't fall or not rise: Check whether normal and stable source.
  • The label does not adsorb: Check whether normal and stable source.
  • Label rolled up: Cheek whether the blowing tube correctly position.
  • The waste paper receiver doesn't pull: Check whether the state tension membrane too tight.

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