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BJ-04MAX Steel Wire Rope Stripper Machine

BJ-04MAX Steel Wire Rope Stripper Machine

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Production Induction of BJ-04MAX Steel Wire Rope Stripper Machine

  • This type of machine is a high-technic product developed by ourselves. The minimum stripping length is 1mm and the maximum is 10m. It can be widely used in the process of wire stripping, the industries such as: control cabinet equipment, the factory of wire lock, electronics industry, electronic power, injection molding machine, electric power tool, the automobile accessories industry, electrical machine, electric appliance, air-condition, washing machine, electronic instrument, toy, lamps and lanterns, transformer. It is the lowest price of the same kind of wire - stripping machine and running stable, easy to operate, it is widely welcomed by the most of our customers. It is your best choice.

Technical Parameter of BJ-04MAX Steel Wire Rope Stripper Machine

Model BJ-04MAX
Display Way Digital Display
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz
Power 180W
Cutting length 1mm-50mm-10m
Cutting Tolerance ±(0.2+0.0002xL)mm    L=length
Stripping Length(head) 0-25mm
Stripping Length(end) 0-15mm
Exhausted line way full strip both ends, half off, short strip, middle strip
Fitting Wire Section Acreage 0.1mm²-25mm²
Fitting Wire Materiatal PVC, Teflon glass wire, Steel wire
Speed 8000-3000 pcs/h
Blade Material Import  tungsten steel
Wire Diameter Adjustment Automation
Stripping Wire Quality advance
Rollers press adjustment Yes
Stripping Press Auto size

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Model Number BJ-02B BJ-02D BJ-02F BJ-02MAX
Wire size 0.1 – 2.5mm² 0.1 – 4.5mm² 0.2 – 8.0mm² 0.2 – 16mm²
Conduit diameter Φ6 Φ6 Φ10 Φ13
Wire Gauge Range AWG16 – AWG32 AWG12 – AWG32 AWG8 – AWG32 AWG5 – AWG30#
Drive Mode Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive
Weight 35kg 35kg 35kg 35kg

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