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  • BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

    BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

    * PCB dimension: L90*W60mm-L300*W250mm
    * Thickness: 1-2mm
    * Speed of Stick: 10sec/pc(300*250mm)
    * Accuracy: ±0.1mm
    * Switching period: 10 minutes
    * Tape Width: >4mm
  • BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

    BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

    * Minimum range of two tapes: 133mm or over Adjustable
    Tape width:12mm
    Processing thickness:1.5-10.0mm
    Speed:0.6 sec/pcs
    Dimension of board will be processed: Random
    Power: AC220V9W 50HZ
    Outer dimension:433*133*266mm

The working principle of tape dispenser:

The tape dispenser is also called a belt cutter. It is mainly used to cut the tape up and down the blade, according to the length of the customer's needs, set the length and cut it. Tape cutting machine has sensors. The tape will drop is at the top of the sensor after being cut. If the tape is removed, the sensor will automatically immediately send a signal to no tape and will move to the next phase of the cutting. Such a process is repeated continuously, called automatic and continuous cutting.

Generally, tape dispenser has the following characteristics:

1. Tape dispenser can cut tape, adhesive paper, protective film and other materials.
2. It can hold two rolls of adhesive tape at the same time and work simultaneously.
3. The tape dispenser has the memory function. Turned on after shutdown, the original data is still saved.
4. With the function of circular shearing, it is free to set different length cycle shear and tape cutting function to cut the adhesive paper with different thickness.
5. The tape dispenser is safe, with its screen in the cutter. Once the machine is blocked, warning devices work automatically and even if the blockage is removed, the machine will not work immediately, so you must press the start key again after back to work.
6. The tape dispenser is usually designed without a roller.

The use of tape dispenser is divided into the following steps:

1. Turn off the power switch, and then open the safety cover to reach the manual rocker arm to move the frame arm.
2. Adjust the blade until the blade is clamped to the rotary disc.
3. Then remove the frame arm from the rotating disk.
4. Then pass the tape through the blade and stick it to the rotating disk.
Note: keep it in the middle of the adhesive tape and stick it to the rotating disc.
5. If you can't install the tape properly, you can repeat the steps of 1-4 to continue to install the tape dispenser.
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