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BJ-4000F Double-head Terminal Crimp Machine

BJ-4000F Double-head Terminal Crimp Machine

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Operation Video of BJ-4000F Double-head Terminal Crimp Machine

The function of BJ-4000F Full-automatic Wire Strip & Terminal Crimp Machine

wire selected length cutting, both ends stripping, crimping, cutting depth and stripping length automatic setting and both ends half stripping. Transmission by electric motor reduces press air consumption. Suitable choice for motor bicycle, household appliances wiring harness process industry.

Technical parameters of BJ-4000F Full-automatic Wire Strip & Terminal Crimp Machine

Type Automatic computer Double head terminal crimping machine BJ-4000F
Power AC220V 50 / 60HZ ( single phase )
Function Wire cutting, both side stripping, single side stripping, single side crimping. Double side crimping
Capacity 3500 strip/h (within 300mm length)
Wire Processing range AWG # 32 – AWG # 18
Cutting length 30mm-9999mm. Replacing some parts can cut to 35mm(shortest)
Wire length 35mm-8000mm
Cutting fine Change range:1mm+ below cutting length 0.1%)
stripping length 0.1mm-10mm
Air pressure 0.5Mpa(5kgf/cm) About 200NL/Min
Detection device It will alarm downtime when appears lack of abnormal, insufficient air pressure.
Pressure capacity 1.25T
Twisting length AWG # 20-AWG # 30 (4mm-8mm)
Machine size 670 W* 840L * 1500 H(mm)
Machine weight About 350kg

BJ-4000F Double-head Terminal Crimp Machine 2

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Model Number BJ-601E BJ-602E BJ-603E BJ-604E
Crimping range 0.5-16mm² 0.5-16mm² 0.5-50mm² 0.08-120mm²
Output 2.5T 1.8T 2.5T 2.5T
Voltage range AC 220V AC 220V AC 220V AC 220V
Weight 10kg 6kg 6kg 6.5kg

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