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BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

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Specifications of BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

Name Auto PCB tape sticking machine of Gold Finger(General-purpose)
Model BJ-5000
PCB dimension L90*W60mm-L300*W250mm
Outer dimension L1200*W550*H450mm
Thickness 1-2mm
Weight 40Kg
Speed of Stick 10sec/pc(300*250mm)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Switching period 10 minutes
Tape Width >4mm
Power AC 220V one-phase 50/60Hz max.30VA
Air pressure 0.5Mps
Cylinder element SMC, Guide rail, Three-position, Control Power Supply, 24VDC

Features of BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

  •  The peak of desktop tape sticking system
  •  Can supply the PCB uninterrupted and make the gilded surface of DIMM sticked accurately at high speed.
  •  The rotary diffusion knife accept the tape and cascading placed automatically.

Related Taping Machine

Model Tape width Processing thickness Speed
BJ-5000 >4mm 1-2mm 10sec/pcs
BJ-6000 12mm 1.5-10.0mm 0.6sec/pcs

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