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BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

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Automatic taping machine BJ-6000 is a machine used for the fixation of PCB, FPC board before drill holes on them. The machine can get rid of the low quality and low efficiency of usual processing, then improve the processing efficiency and drilling machine's utilization rate.

Specifications of BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

  • Minimum range between two tapes: 133mm or over Adjustable
  • Tape width:12mm
  • Processing thickness:1.5-10.0mm
  • Speed:0.6 sec/pcs
  • Dimension of board will be processed: Random
  • Power: AC220V9W 50HZ
  • Outer dimension:433*133*266mm
  • Weight:10Kg

Performance Features of BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

  • The length of tape, which will be sticked, can be adjustable according to the thickness of board.
  • The processing scope is not limited by the size, thickness, amount of board.
  • Microcomputer control, easy to operate and running stable and reliable.
  • Can choose the amount of tape will be sticked at a time freely and the space between two tapes can be adjusted when several machines are connected together.
  • Simple structure, running reliable and low running cost.
  • No need of gas, only the single-phase source of 220V 9W is needed.
  • It can count the times of tape sticking and convenient to manage.

Pre-sales service of BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

  • We can dispose the corresponding model machine according to the actual demand of customers.
  • Can design the product according to customer's special requirements.
  • Send the engineering technicians to the spot to learn the demand of customer to design the best scheme.

In-sales service of BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

  • Check and accept of the machine.
  • Help customer to draw up the production decision.

After-sales service of BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

  • Guide the installation and debugging and train the operator, to the scene, free.
  • Responding to the customer's requirement in one hour.
  • Pay a return visit non scheduled and collect the feedback of customers to meet the demand of the user.

Related Taping Machine

Model Tape width Processing thickness Speed
BJ-5000 >4mm 1-2mm 10sec/pcs
BJ-6000 12mm 1.5-10.0mm 0.6sec/pcs

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