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BJ-06H Infrared Label Cutting Machine

BJ-06H Infrared Label Cutting Machine

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Operation Video of Infrared Label Cutting Machine BJ-06H

We manufacture automatic tape dispenser, auto label dispensers, auto label rewinders, label cutting machines, tape cutting machine, tube cutting machine, wire stripping machine, wire stripping&twisting machine etc. High quality & low price!

Features of Infrared Label Cutting Machine BJ-06H

  • Belt slitting machine adopts electro mechanical integrating technology, it automatically adjusts the length data through the input of computer program.
  • Automatically cutting various straps of different sizes such as braided tape, Velcro tape, plastic tube, bootlace, plastic zipper, electrical wire, label, etc. All the data will be saved auto-matically before put off the switch. With features of high accuracy, high speed, easy to operate and stop working without materials. It's an ideal machine for increasing of efficiency, improving quality and saving labour.

Character of Infrared Label Cutting Machine BJ-06H

  • Compensation: It can recover the differences caused by the material flexibility dissimilarity.
  • Memory: It will save the current data automatically before the machine is closed.
  • Decimal point: special decimal point function, raised the accuacy of the product consumedly.
  • Self-check: when a defect in the system, LD screen will display breakdown source automatically, in order to expel in the convenient check.
  • Automatic power failure: 1 hour after machine stopped working, the main driving system will break power supply automatically to promise the service life of machine.
  • Automatic pause: once the material uses up, will stop a current work automatically.

Specifications and Index of Infrared Label Cutting Machine BJ-06H

  • Knife: Cold knife & Infrared
  • CUT LENGTH (mm): 15-99999
  • MAX CUT WIDTH (mm): 110
  • SPEED (Piece/min): 120
  • WEIGHT (kg): 21.3/26.0
  • VOLTAGE: AC 110V / 220V 50-60Hz
  • POWER: 0.22KW
  • PACKAGE SIZE (L.W.H) mm: 410*525*430

Model Number BJ-02 BJ-03 BJ-05 BJ-06
Available Width 5-70mm 5-110mm 5-80mm 5-100mm
Available Length 1-99999mm 15-99999mm 15-99999mm 15-99999mm
Knife Cold cutting Hot cutting Cold cutting Cold cutting
Speed 120pcs/min 120pcs/min 120pcs/min 120pcs/min

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