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XC-520C Enamel Coated Magnet Wire Stripper

XC-520C Enamel Coated Magnet Wire Stripper

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Application of XC-520C Enamel Coated Magnet Wire Stripper

XC-520C Enameled Wire Stripping Machine use Taiwan advanced wire stripping technology. It is suit any standard of enameled wire. Can fast strip off the insulator on the surface of wire and keep it smooth.The function of the machine is ascendance. It can replace tranditional use knife strip, grinding wheel or grinding paper polish and liquid medicine corrode method.Not only can inprove work efficiency, but also have high solding character. It is the perfect machine for motor, meter, transformer, electron, family use wiring, electromotion tools, coil producer and maintenance industy. Our XC-520C get electron nonpolar adjuster, motor and stripping blade together. Use iegerity and durable fine switch, so the machine have a lot of properties such as; stripping speed very fast, high work efficiency, easy to use, function stable, fault rate low and design novelty.

Properties and parameter of XC-520C Enamel Coated Magnet Wire Stripper

  • Wire Size Range: 0.35 ~ 6.50mm
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz 120W
  • Mounting: Hand held and electromotion
  • Stripping Length: 1 ~ 70mm
  • Speed adjust: 2800r/min
  • Measurement: 270*165*170mm
  • Weight: 6.8kg

Stripping method of XC-520C Enamel Coated Magnet Wire Stripper

  • Put the head of the wire which is need stripping in the middle of the the knife rest. Switch-on the power to start the motor
  • Move the head of the wire follow the reverse of axes.
  • Switch -off the power. motor stop running.

Attention of XC-520C Enamel Coated Magnet Wire Stripper

  • When you stripping different standard of enameled wire, we can adjust the speed adjuster at the end of the machine(1 gear slowest .6 gear fastest). For small diameter wire you adjust to the "slow" gear and for big diameter wire you need adjust to the "fast" If one time have not stripping cleanly, you need improve speed to stripping cleanly.If wire damage during you adjust the speed, you need slow the speed until fit the wire .follow the method infront to adjust speed to fit different diameter of wire.
  • The machine shell must connet to ground safety.
  • Before you stripping the wire, you should pull straight the wire to aviod wire can not get the middle of the blade.
  • After a long time use, you can take off the cover to clean paint powder.

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