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BJ-08T Wire Twisting Machine

BJ-08T Wire Twisting Machine

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Product features of Wire Twisting Machine BJ-08T

  • Axis design, while standing! Greatly improve production efficiency
  • LCD backlit display, modern mobile operating principle. People out of the digital set operation cumbersome vertigo fatigue and other shortcomings;
  • The motor shaft directly, without loss of drive torque, zero maintenance, brushless, electromagnet netic brakes, belts and other mechanical wear
  • A sound industrial grade protection circuit design, the data that has been set with perfect data protection, and data can be permanently stored
  • Different segments can set different winding direction, speed having positive and megative counting function, minimal noise, high speed constant torque;
  • Start fast, high speed, direct braking at high speed, high efficiency.For tension to prevent starting 0-9 kinds of ad hoc methods to choose from a slow start when a thin line around the system, you can set different segments were different slow start mode;
  • The system has finished winding production statistics, automatic segment feature also optionally woud dan;
  • Scope: electronic wire, winding wire, braided isolated lines, computer lines

Specification of Wire Twisting Machine BJ-08T

Power source AC 110/220 50/60HZ single phase
Motor Stepless motor 100w
Can be twisted path 32AWG-16AWG
Operational capacity A variety of specifications of electronic wire twisted(braided)
Operation Single-action pedal
Volume 220w*240l*240h(mm)
Weight 10kg

Wire Twisting Machine Samples

Wire Twisting Machine BJ-08T
Wire Twisting Machine BJ-08T
  • bj-08t-wire-twisting-machine.jpg
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