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Wire Bending Machine BJ-02FBN

Wire Bending Machine BJ-02FBN

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Operation Video of Wire Bending Machine BJ-02FBN

* Wire size: Less than 16mm2—please inform wire size before order
* Outside size: L 420mm×H 297mm× W345mm
* Weight: 31KG
* Display way: 240×128 LED blue Display
* Power supply: AC175V-250≤50/60HZ
* Voltage: 130W—-200W
* Cutting length: 0.1mm—99999.9mm
* Stripping head: 0.1-100mm
* Bending number: 13 Times
* Bending length: Last time is more than 55mm
* Bending way: Clockwise, counterclockwise, Bending is adjustable, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°. Both positive and negative two bending for one time
* Cutting wire core: 0.1-16
* Cutting accuracy: 0.002×Lmm
* Pipe diameter: 1.5mm—–10mm
* Blade material: high-speed steel
* Driveway: Two Drives
* Bending/hour: 400—1000pcs

Wire Bending Machine BJ-02FBN Sample

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