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PRE-1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer

PRE-1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer

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Description of PRE-1000 Industrial 3D Printer

  • Forming chamber size:1000*1000*750mm
  • Hierarchical thickness: 0.2mm(adjustable)
  • Forming accuracy: ±0.2mm/100mm
  • Forming material: DIA 1.75mm or 3mm wire, such as ABS, PLA, Polyplus PLA, PolyMax PLA, PolyFlex, PolyWood, PolyMaker PC-Plus.
  • Heating Temperature of extruded head: ≦230°C(adjustable)
  • Workbench material: special glass plate, heating temperature adjustable.
  • Motor: stepping motor
  • Disconnection fault record: printing state parameter recorded automatically.
  • Dimension: 1400*1250*1350mm

Features of PRE-1000 Industrial 3D Printer:

  • Adopt industrial spare part, durable and long-life.
  • Max Printing size: can print large plastic mold 1000*1000*750mm
  • Adopt high strength, high rigidity aluminum alloy frame, and body.
  • Adopt high-quality modular motor and transmission mechanism, compact structure, reliable performance.
  • Various forming material, such as ABS, PLA, Polyplus PLA, PolyMax PLA, PolyFlex, PolyWood, PolyMaker PC-Plus.
  • Disconnection memory function can remember printing state parameter automatically so that it can continue printing and forming.
  • Cost-effective, widely used in school training, product manufacturing and model making.

PRE-1000 Industrial 3D Printer
PRE-1000 Industrial 3D Printer
  • pre-1000-industrial-3d-printer-1_1517462178.jpg
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