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BJ-40S Tube/Tape Cutting Machines

BJ-40S Tube/Tape Cutting Machines

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Specification of BJ-40S Tube/Tape Cutting Machines

  • Model: BJ-40S
  • Control Model: RAM control system
  • Cutter: High speed steel
  • Available Width: 0.1 ~ 400mm(new)
  • Available Length: 1 ~ 100m
  • Speed: 150 pcs/min
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1mm
  • Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz 250W
  • Measurement: (L)360×(W)480×(H)350mm
  • Weight : 48 Kg
  • Display: LCD
  • Operation Language: English or Chinese

Feature of BJ-40S Tube/Tape Cutting Machines

  • High speed: It can cut 150 cut per minute. (50mm long) Cutter speed adjustable,
  • Electric operation: It works electrically only by setting length and quantity
  • Arbitrary length and speed continuously adjustable
  • Automatic grouping accrued and total cumulative count
  • Batch pause and delay time can be set
  • Lack of material automatic shutdown, unattended
  • Can cut a variety of automatic cutting tubular strip material;
  • High-speed stepper motor precisely controlled pipe cutting & tape length; tape length, speed adjustable;
  • With LCD screen display, it is simple and convenient to operate.
  • This machine can be used to automatically cut any kinds of tubular, ribbon, thread-like material
  • Cutter time protection; total set; points to set; points to pause time adjustable;
  • Available in a variety of manual operation, convenient debugging;
  • LCD large screen visual display, operation simple and convenient;
  • This machine changed a cutter mold. It can cut different tube.
  • Heavy duty, high speed, high accuracy, designed for cutting non-adhesive materials.

Application of BJ-40S Tube/Tape Cutting Machines

  • All kinds of Metal strap, Nickel strap, Solar energy welding strap, Plastic and Rubber strips , Woven ribbon, Tape, Label Paper and other banding material of cutting, belt loop, etc.
  • All kinds of Silicone tube, Plastic Tube, Medical tube, Yellow wax tube

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