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BJ-24B Manual Hot Foil Coder

BJ-24B Manual Hot Foil Coder

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This is used to print dating in the different material and shaped products. Like paper, cardboard, plastic film, alminumin foil and so on.

Specification of BJ-24B Manual Hot Foil Coder

Power supply power 200V/50Hz  60W
printing speed 10-30pcs/min
Lines can be printed 1, 2, 3, 4
heat printing width less than 30mm
Operating temperature 0-200°C
Dimensions 270×180×160mm
Spiping Package Size 310×275×220mm
Net weight 3kg
Weight 4kg

Heat code printing machine utilize technology introduced from Japan, Hot printing color ribbon is used instead of printing ink, it has the advantages of small size, clear printing result, high adhesiveness, and temperature enduring. It can print on any kinds of soft packing material. It is widely used in foodstuff industry, beverage, pharmacy industry and etc. It is easy to use and maintain.

Application scope: printing date of manufacturing, production lot number, validity date, weight, quantity, price, size, components and etc.

Objects to be printed: different plastic bags, plastic films, aluminum foil, labels, paper boxes, leather and leatherette, certificates, plastic products and etc.

BJ-24B Manual Hot Foil Coder

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