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  • XC-3530D Lead-free Solder Pot

    XC-3530D Lead-free Solder Pot

    * temperature range: 20-500 degrees +/-1%
    * internal dimension: 350*300*70mm
    * capacity: 53kg
    * power rating: 2200w
    * power supply: AC220V +/-10% 50Hz
    * measurement: 520*410*120mm
    * weight: 12.1kg

The maintenance method of lead-free soldering platform and lead-free soldering iron tip
The following is the maintenance and usage of soldering iron head for lead-free soldering.

1. Preparation before welding

It is necessary to check the cleanliness of the sponge without water soaking. Firstly, wet the cleaning sponge and then squeeze out the excess water. In this way, the lead-free soldering iron head can get a good cleaning effect. If using a non-wet cleaning sponge, it will damage the solder without tin.

2. Protection during welding
It is prior to welding, clean the impurities in the nozzle with a clean sponge so that the quality of the solder can be guaranteed without solder false, which can slow the oxidation rate of the welding nozzle. Therefore, it ensures that the cleanliness of the welding nozzle can prolong the service life of the welding nozzle.

3. Protection after welding.
The thermostat is at 300 ℃ first, and then clean the tip and plus a new solder layer protection, so that it can protect tip and air isolation, tip will not create oxidizing reaction and oxygen in the air.

4. Protection with no use of soldering stations
When the soldering station is not used, it is not allowed to be at high temperature for a long time. It will turn the soldering flux on the soldering iron head into oxide, which will cause the thermal conductivity of the soldering iron head to be greatly reduced. Turn off the power when the solder is not in use (for non-temperature control and non-automatic dormancy).

5. What should be done when the soldering iron head has been oxidized?
(1) The thermostat is adjusted at 300 ℃ firstly, using a clean sponge to clean welding nozzle and check the status of the welding nozzle.
(2) If the tin layer of the solder is covered with black oxide, it can be coated with a new tin layer and then cleaned with a clean sponge. This is repeated until the oxide is removed and the new tin layer is plated.
(3) If the nozzle is deformed or perforated, it must be replaced.

(4) Attention: Do not use a file to remove the oxide from the welding nozzle.
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