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BJ-011D Trademark Shearing and Folding Machine

BJ-011D Trademark Shearing and Folding Machine

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Features of BJ-011D Trademark Shearing and Folding Machine

  •  BJ-011D type trademark shearing and folding machine is of a compact stuctrue and simple operation and an automatic sliding path of trademark and able to shear and fold 4 types of trademark by only replacing the mould, uses a nixie circuit to actuate the main machine and carry out a soft initiation and is fitted with a high performance photoelectric system to automatically identify trademarks and stop at once in case of non-trademark of a false one.
  •  Futhermore, the system holds the feature of adjustable trademark length without any tool and can be sparately fitted with an electronic eye system upon the need of users. This system is mainly used for printing trademarks and cutting and folding those without push-line.
  •  Lable length adjust ment is made by the simple turm of a dial and can be fine tuned for ny length requtred.

Technical Data of BJ-011D Trademark Shearing and Folding Machine

* Shearing and folding types:
  • Pieces shearing
  • Both edge fording
  • Middle folding
  • Long-short folding
* Shearable length: 15-160mm
* Shearable Width: 10-75mm
* Cutter type: Cooled shearing, hot shearing
* Power supply: Single-phase 220v 50-60Hz
* Electricity consumption: 1.8KW
* Horsepower: 1/2 HP
* Weight: 275 KG
* Output packing: 110×95×156cm

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